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When a Coffee Maven Meets a Tech Entrepreneur at MiF 🌱

Two and a half months ago, at the onset of our 'Mentor it Forward' journey, we believed in the power of the right matches. Today, we have tangible stories to back that belief, and what better way to depict it than the magical mentorship journey of Dharmesh and Moti.

Dharmesh, fondly known as Mesh, is not just any coffee shop owner; he’s the heart and soul behind Game City, a boutique coffee haven located in the lively heart of Perth CBD. A place not just for caffeine fixes, but for moments—where every sip of coffee is paired with invigorating conversations and a sense of community.

On the other side (literally), we have Moti. Based in Brisbane, QLD, he is the brains behind MYTech Advisory. An embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit, Moti has an uncanny knack for spotting business opportunities and moulding them into successful ventures. His strategic insights and growth mindset have been instrumental in turning visions into realities.

Now, pair the maestro of coffee experiences with a tech business guru. To us at MiF, this match was as natural as it could be, like pieces of a puzzle fitting seamlessly. Their union, under the umbrella of mentorship, was like a moth irresistibly drawn to a flame—full of promise, passion, and potential.

What transpired between the two is nothing short of transformative. But don't just take our word for it. Read their personal experience below to witness the magic of mentorship.

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