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Welcome to the Mentor it Forward Application Form

This comprehensive form allows you to express your interest in joining our vibrant community, whether as a mentor or mentee. Through your thoughtful responses, we'll gain valuable insights into your motivations, experiences, and goals for participating in the program.

Why does this self-assessment matter?

Your honest and detailed responses are crucial for our evaluation process. Each application receives meticulous attention from our dedicated team, who assess your suitability for the program based on your alignment with our values, commitment, and potential contributions.

Estimated time to complete: ~20-30 minutes

We encourage you to approach this form with a reflective and engaged attitude. To give it the focus it deserves, consider scheduling some quiet time in a comfortable space where you can minimise distractions. 

MiF Application
Image by Markus Winkler

Please note that once started, the form submission cannot be saved and continued at a later stage. It's expected that you complete the form in one sitting.

Your information will be treated with respect and confidentiality and will guide us in determining the best fit for you within the MiF program.

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