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Partners and Sponsors

At the core of Mentor it Forward's community support are our Partners and Sponsors.

This page introduces the organisations that strongly support our cause, featuring the organisations, and highlighting the dedicated mentors they've chosen to represent them.

Witness the collective effort to foster professional mentorship and make a lasting impact on aspiring professionals across the globe.

Supporting Partners

MiF Sponsors


Australian businesses, trust Brennan to manage their technology, run their digital transformation projects, and support their aspirations. Brennan’s belief in the transformational power of technology is matched by their belief in the transformational potential of mentoring. We’re thrilled to announce Nick Sone, Brennan’s Chief Customer Officer, and an industry veteran with 20+ years of leadership experience, as our newest MiF mentor. Nick is thrilled to be lighting the path for the next generation of leaders.


New Sponsors to be revealed!

Is your organisation driven by fostering talent and championing growth? Do you see the value in equipping the next generation of professionals with knowledge and connections?

Sponsor our 'Mentor it Forward' program and be part of a transformative journey for countless aspiring individuals.

Click the below button to contact us and learn about sponsorship opportunities.

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