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MiF Roadmap to Success

A New

Employment Inclusivity

By Mentor it Forward

Imagine a future where diverse talent seamlessly meets opportunity, where universities, governments, and businesses collaborate to empower individuals and fuel economic growth. This is the vision behind MiF's innovative, end-to-end roadmap to success.

MiF's holistic program integrates training modules, mentorships, internships, and employment opportunities to facilitate skill development and career progression for individuals at all levels. This approach holds great potential for bridging gaps in skill utilisation, job mobility, and matching efficiency, ultimately fostering a more equitable and sustainable future.

The collaborative effort positions MiF as the catalyst for change, but it’s the active participation of organisations that drives success. Educational institutions nurture their students and members, while businesses open their doors to internships and employment opportunities. By joining MiF, organisations take on a vital role, ensuring the program's success and contributing to a broader social impact.

Fostering DEI through Sponsorship

Join us in this mission and ensure your organisation plays a pivotal role in driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workforce.

Portrait of Smiling Woman
"Hello, I'm Sarah, a proud mentee of MiF. 
Click on the below button to read about my journey from a hopeful student to a confident professional. Through personalised mentoring and practical skill-building, MiF helped me secure a position at a leading company, transforming my career prospects. 

Let my story illustrate the profound impact MiF can have on individuals and why your partnership is crucial to creating more success stories like mine."


Munkhzul Milk.jpeg
"Through my Mentor's encouragement, I delved  into uncovering and understanding my strengths, values and aspirations - a process that game me invaluable clarity on my career journey's direction."

Munkhzul, Researcher

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