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"Mentorship. Where do I start?"

We understand that a FREE mentoring program may sound too good to be true, and maybe even confusing. That's why we've broken it down into four simple steps to help you get started.
Just click on the tabs below to learn more.

Submit your Expression of Interest

To take part in our Mentor Program, simply click on the link and complete the online application. Provide your personal information and articulate your goals and expectations by completing an in-depth self-assessment.

This will assist our program team in carefully evaluating your application and progressing further to understand you better.

What does the program look like?

For Mentees: Remember, your mentor is not a magician but a catalyst. Mentors are equipped with wisdom and experience, not a magic wand. Your mentor will provide the guidance you need to envision your future with clarity and to map out the path to your goals. 

For Mentors: As a Mentor you will be able to shape, guide and inspire a mentee to achieving potentially life changing goals, introduce new perspectives and uncover solutions to challenges.

The Mentor Program: Engaging in these six in-depth sessions will encourages you to push beyond your comfort zone, challenge your current perspectives, and inspire new ways of thinking and problem solving.  


Be prepared to unleash your potential and transform your future in the empowering environment that 'Mentor it Forward' provides.

The below illustration depicts the program timeline, starting from its initiation stage, through the recurrent mentoring sessions, and leading up to its completion.

Pairing & Provisioning

Session  #1
Getting to Know Each Other

Session #3
Personal Branding

Session #5
Networking and Peer Feedback

Program Finalisation

Session #2
Setting Goals

Session #4
Identify, Build and Test

Session  #6
Wrap Up and

Next Steps

MiF Support and Evaluation

Project participation and waiting list information

We appreciate your understanding that due to the limited spots in our program, determined by our mentors' availability, we cannot guarantee a placement in our Mentor Programs. However, rest assured, those who are not immediately accommodated will be added to our waiting list and prioritised as soon as a mentor becomes available.

Your patience and interest in our program are greatly appreciated.

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