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A phase is just a phase until YOU decide to step in and support it

Employment Inclusivity
/ɪmˈplɔɪ.mənt ɪn.kluːˈsɪv.ɪ.ti/


Definition: Mentor it Forward's latest program, designed to support individuals from diverse backgrounds in finding and succeeding in their careers. It provides comprehensive training, mentorship, internships, and job opportunities to enhance skill development and career progression. This program aims to close gaps in skills and job access, making the workforce more equitable and inclusive.

Organisations are encouraged to join MiF's partner network as sponsors to support this initiative. By becoming a sponsor, organisations contribute to building a stronger, more diverse workforce while gaining access to a pool of talented individuals who have been trained and mentored to meet industry standards. It is a chance for businesses to make a significant social impact and support the professional journeys of many aspiring professionals.


MiF offers a unique approach to workforce integration. This phase comprises of 3 modules, which includes foundational soft skills (1), advanced soft skills (2), and comprehensive career preparation (3). MiF further empowers participants through a one-on-one mentoring program, where they are paired with experienced industry professionals. These mentors provide personalised guidance, support, and access to valuable professional networks. The 3 modules and the One-on-One mentorship prepare participants for integration into the Australian workforce.


MiF facilitates time-bound internship opportunities with a diverse range of organisations from within our partner network. The internship provides participants with real work experience, including teamwork, collaboration and networking opportunities that are crucial for their professional development.


This phase marks the ultimate goal: the transition of the participants from job seekers to successful professionals. Equipped with the relevant skills, knowledge, and practical experience gained through the previous phases, participants are now job-ready and confident, vetted and supported, networked and connected.

Fostering DEI through Sponsorship

Join us in this mission and ensure your organisation plays a pivotal role in driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workforce.

MiF Mentee

"Hello, I'm Sarah, a proud mentee of MiF. 
Read about my journey from a hopeful student to a confident professional. Through personalised mentoring and practical skill-building, MiF helped me secure a position at a leading company, transforming my career prospects. 

Your support means everything. My story is just one example of the incredible impact MiF can have on someone's life. By partnering with MiF, you can help create more success stories like mine and support aspiring professionals on their journey. Click on the
Sponsorship Guide to learn more about how you can play a vital role in this transformative process."

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