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The Mentorship Journey of Peter (Mentor) and Khansa (Mentee)

Updated: Mar 16

MiF is proud to share a success story from our mentoring program, showcasing the transformative power of guidance and goal setting. This story follows the journey of Khansa Rubab, a mentee who decided to come out of her comfort zone and join our mentoring program, and Peter Sinderberry , the founder of PSTM and Khansa's dedicated mentor.

Mentorship goals

Setting the Stage for Growth

Khansa joined the MiF program with a clear desire for self-improvement. "I wanted to grow personally and professionally and become more confident". Khansa shared at the outset. However, as Peter, her mentor, observed, "Her initial goals lacked the specificity needed to create a roadmap".

Guiding Self-Discovery

Recognising this, Peter took a thoughtful approach. "I focused on guiding Khansa through a process of self-reflection", Peter explained. Through insightful questions and discussions, they solidified Khansa's goals and uncovered their underlying motivations.

Mentor and mentee meeting

Building a Personalised Action Plan

Together, Khansa and Peter broke down her aspirations into three key areas: personal development, professional advancement, and building confidence. This structure provided a clear framework for action planning. Importantly, Peter emphasised Khansa's ownership of the process. "I presented her with various options and choices", Peter said, "allowing her to take the lead in crafting a plan that resonated with her".

Celebrating Achievements

The results speak volumes about the effectiveness of their collaboration. In the professional realm, Khansa has already secured a new role and is actively exploring even more senior opportunities. Recognising the importance of continuous learning, she has identified a passion for acquiring Microsoft and AWS-focused skills. To achieve this, she has completed a certification in Data Visualization and is currently taking additional relevant courses. Her future goals include obtaining Cloud-based certifications in AWS and certifications related to Python. " This has been a great start, thanks to the comprehensive guidance offered by MiF and their initiative. I am grateful to Peter Haim and the MiF team for advancing my career journey with their invaluable guidance", Khansa acknowledged.

Expanding Horizons

Khansa's commitment to growth extends beyond the professional sphere. She is actively engaging with the MiF community and exploring other relevant organisations like #WITWA and #WADSIH. The possibility of seeking a technical mentor in the future is also on the table, demonstrating her dedication to well-rounded development.

Mentorship looking at the horizon

Confidence Takes Flight

Perhaps the most significant area for growth lies in Khansa's confidence and communication skills. Through her work experience and her participation in various communities, these areas have demonstrably improved. Peter acknowledges the positive influence of Khansa's work environment, highlighting the synergistic effect of mentorship and real-world experience. "The difference is crazy", Peter observed, reflecting on their initial meeting compared to their most recent interaction. "Khansa has come so far, and I am excited to see where the next 3, 6 and 12 months take her".

Looking Ahead: A Model for Future Success

Looking ahead, Peter acknowledges the potential for adjustments to his approach but ultimately views his experience with Khansa as a valuable guide for future mentor-mentee pairings. Khansa's remarkable journey underscores the positive impact MiF's mentorship programs can have on mentees, empowering them to achieve significant personal and professional growth.

Mentorship testimonial


Success stories are happening all around us and they keep on increasing. These stories prove the value and benefits of having a mentor in one's life who can provide guidance and support.

At MiF, we are committed to creating and nurturing these transformative connections. If you are interested in finding out more about our mentoring programs, please do not hesitate to contact us today by submitting your Expression of Interest, Here: Application | Mentor it Forward


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