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From Academia to the Employment

It was August 2023, where the MiF team had the pleasure of meeting Ruzvin during the formal launch of 'Mentor it Forward' at the WADSIH Data & AI for Business Conference in Perth. WADSIH is a valued MiF supporting partner, and Ruzvin, a Master's student in Accounting at Curtin University, was assisting with the event. Recognising her ambition and potential, we saw an opportunity to connect her with our 'Mentor it Forward' program and shortly after, she joined as one of the first MiF mentees.

WADSIH conference

Rukie Jayasekera, a seasoned professional with significant sales experience, known for his extensive professional network, personal branding expertise, and ability to cultivate presentation skills and confidence in mentees, emerged as the perfect match for Ruzvin.

Rukie's mentorship went beyond simply sharing technical knowledge. He delved into areas crucial for career success, working with Ruzvin to refine her professional profile, craft a compelling CV, and hone her presentation skills. Leveraging his vast network, Rukie then introduced Ruzvin to relevant professionals, significantly accelerating her internship search. Through this combined effort, Ruzvin landed an internship that provided valuable real-world experience and propelled her towards exciting career opportunities.

"I wholeheartedly recommend the MiF program to any student or professional seeking to advance their career and achieve their life goals. The support and guidance I received from Rukie and the entire MiF team were instrumental in shaping my success. Thank you!", Ruzvin said.

Ruzvin's story exemplifies the transformative power of the MiF program. We bridge the gap between academic achievement and professional readiness by connecting individuals like Ruzvin with mentors who offer specialized guidance and open doors to valuable professional networks.

Career Journey

Looking to gain a competitive edge in the job market and smoothly transition from your academic studies to the workforce?

The MiF program can help! We connect you with experienced mentors who can provide expertise in areas like personal branding, presentation skills, and network building. Submit your application by clicking here and take the first step towards your dream career!

P.S.  Be sure to check out the attached testimonials from Ruzvin and Rukie to gain a deeper understanding of their experience with the MiF program.

MiF Testimonial

To read in high-resolution, download the below:

Ruzvin - Rukie
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