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Charting My Course: A Mentee’s Tale in MiF

Life, for me, was a series of crossroads. Fresh out of college, navigating the professional landscape felt like deciphering a maze. Job applications turned into dead ends, networking events felt like walking into a room full of strangers speaking a different language, and self-doubt started creeping in. Just when the uncertainty seemed overwhelming, a friend mentioned 'Mentor it Forward'. It felt like someone had thrown me a lifeline, a beacon on a foggy night.

MiF Journey

Clicking ‘submit’ on the MiF application wasn’t merely ticking off a task; it was an assertive stride towards charting a clearer path. Up until that point, I'd often found myself navigating the vast sea of the professional world, sometimes adrift, sometimes against fierce currents. Discovering 'Mentor it Forward' felt like spotting land on the horizon.

In the days that followed, an invite from the MiF team appeared in my inbox—a 1:1 session. I remember the initial nerves, thinking of the possible questions they'd have. Yet, from the outset, it felt more like a conversation between fellow travelers than a formal interview. They wanted to get the essence of my journey, my aspirations, the challenges I faced, and how they could best support my voyage.

MiF Sailing

Onboarding was up next. Rather than a tedious instruction session, it was a walk-through of what I could expect on this journey. Simple, clear steps on how to make the most of the experience. It was like being handed a compass and a map to navigate this new terrain.

The most heart-thumping moment? Getting paired with my mentor. The MiF team had taken my aspirations, strengths, and even apprehensions into account to find the right guiding star for me. The anticipation of meeting someone who's walked the path I'm just starting on was overwhelming.

The day of our first introduction was a mix of jitters and excitement. We began connecting the dots between our experiences. While they spoke of their path, and the challenges they overcame, I saw glimpses of my own aspirations in their tales. It felt right; this partnership was the anchor I needed.

Not long after our initial sessions began, MiF hosted a networking evening for all members of the program. It was an exhilarating experience, to say the least. The room buzzed with the energy of conversations, and I found myself amidst a sea of professionals from varying backgrounds. I engaged in friendly chats with mentors and mentees alike. As the evening unfolded, I started to truly appreciate the additional layer of value MiF offered: the chance to expand my professional network. The richness of conversations, the diverse viewpoints, and the complete warmth of the community made me realise that I wasn’t just part of a mentorship program, but a growing family of professionals. It was a vivid reminder of the doors that open when you step out of your comfort zone and dive into such enriching experiences.

Look to the horizon

Now, a few weeks in, as we set sail together, the horizon looks promising. The challenges of the professional world seem less daunting with a mentor by my side. With MiF’s continuous support and regular touchpoints, I feel more equipped, more inspired.

For those standing at the shores, contemplating their professional journey, take the plunge. Dive into the world of mentorship. As for me? I’m excitedly charting my course, eager for the adventures that lie ahead. Join me and start your own journey > Click here

Blog Post writer

Note: While the essence and emotions are genuine, the storytelling aspect has been enhanced with the assistance of AI technology. You see, while I pour all my effort into building my professional career, I'm neither a sailor nor a writer, and weaving tales isn't quite my forte. Rest assured, my personal experience and viewpoint remain genuine. - Tom.

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