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Navigating Your Mentorship Meetings: The Do's and Don'ts for Mentees

Entering the mentorship arena can be both exciting and daunting. Here's a guide to ensure you set off on the right foot with your mentor.


  • Drive the Relationship: As the mentee, take the lead. This is your journey, and while your mentor is there to guide you, it’s crucial you steer the direction.

  • Be Open and Clear: From the onset, be transparent about what you hope to achieve. Openness can help in building a foundation of trust.

  • Set Expectations: Clearly define your goals for this mentorship. Do you seek career advice, skill development, or insights into a particular industry?

  • Be Respectful: Recognize that your mentor is offering their time, insights, and experience. Be punctual for meetings, be attentive, and show gratitude.

  • Leverage the Opportunity: Think of mentorship as a golden ticket. It's a unique chance to gain insights, grow professionally, and potentially expand your network.


  • Expect Miracles: Your mentor might be an expert, but they aren’t magicians. They can guide and advise, but the execution and success ultimately depend on your actions.

  • Be Passive: Don’t wait for your mentor to set the agenda or make all the decisions. Actively participate and bring topics, questions, or issues to the table.

  • Overstep Boundaries: While it's great to be enthusiastic, remember that your mentor has their commitments. Respect their boundaries and avoid inundating them with messages or unreasonable requests.

  • Miss Out on Feedback: If your mentor offers constructive criticism, view it as a gift. They provide feedback because they believe in your potential.

In essence, the mentor-mentee relationship can be likened to a dance. It’s a partnership where both parties must be in sync. Your mentor is an enabler, someone who provides guidance, insights, and perhaps even opens doors. But as the mentee, it's on you to walk through those doors. The mentorship experience can be transformative, providing inroads to opportunities and fostering growth. However, the key lies in how you, as a mentee, play your cards. Approach the relationship with respect, clarity, and a genuine desire to learn, and you'll be positioning yourself for maximum success.

What to do and not to do in a mentoring seesion
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