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Elvina Ogil

Senior Legal Council

The TMF Group

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A distinguished in-house lawyer with a rich tapestry of experiences, Elvina has paved her expertise across a spectrum of industries, ranging from Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, IT and Retail to the Professional Services realm with TMF Group. Her professional journey spans two dynamic jurisdictions: Papua New Guinea and Australia, each presenting its unique set of challenges.

A proud alumnus of the Queensland University of Technology, Elvina is armed with both a Bachelor and a Masters in Law, focusing on Commercial and Corporate law. Furthermore, Elvina holds the honour of being admitted to the NSW Bar as a corporate legal practitioner.

Beyond the confines of legal frameworks, Elvina penned publications discussing gender dynamics in Papua New Guinea and remains actively engaged in fostering developmental dialogues, collaborating with non-governmental entities in Australia and beyond.

NSW, Australia

Elvina Ogil
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