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The Myth of "Too Busy"

"I'm too busy." It's a refrain we often hear, and perhaps even say ourselves. In today's hyper-connected, always-on world, busyness has become a badge of honour—a signal that we're in demand and hard at work. But when we break it down, is our 'busyness' always genuine, or is it sometimes just a convenient excuse?

First, let's face the truth: Everyone is busy in one way or another. Yet, the most accomplished people often find time for what truly matters. They prioritise, delegate, and, most importantly, make time for growth and connection. Why? Because they recognise that the value derived often far exceeds the time investment.

Consider this: How many of those 'busy' hours are spent scrolling through social media, engaging in idle chat, or simply being 'busy' without tangible outcomes? When we genuinely assess our days, we often find pockets of time that, if used judiciously, can be transformative.

Too busy sign

Alright, let's humour the idea for a moment: You're swamped. Drowning in tasks, juggling multiple roles, and truly feeling the pinch of every second. We get it. Or do we? If that constant buzz of busyness is your reality, it's not a trophy to be paraded. Instead, it's a red flag signalling inefficiency or, dare we say, a possible mismanagement of time. Sounds harsh? Maybe. But here's a thought: if you're genuinely packed wall-to-wall with tasks, isn't mentorship the lifeboat you've been waiting for? A mentor could guide you in time management and help reshape that chaotic work-life balance. See, there's an answer for everything!

Enter mentorship.

Being involved in a mentorship program isn’t about adding another task to your busy day. It's about investing in yourself and others. Mentorship doesn’t just facilitate knowledge exchange; it fosters connections, builds networks, and often leads to both personal and professional growth. By participating, you're not just squeezing another commitment into your day; you're setting aside time for something with proven, long-term benefits.

But why participate in the 'Mentor It Forward' program?

Mentorship leads positivity

Focused Growth: The mentorship journey isn't vague. It's structured, deliberate, and tailored to bring out the best in both the mentor and mentee.

Broadened Horizons: Diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, and new skills await. Mentorship pushes both parties out of their comfort zones, encouraging growth.

Lasting Connections: Beyond skill-building, mentorship fosters meaningful, lasting relationships—often translating to lifelong friendships and partnerships.

So, the next time you catch yourself saying you're "too busy," take a moment to reflect. Those hours you believe you don't have? They exist, and they're waiting to be filled with purpose. The Mentor It Forward program doesn’t ask for much, but it promises substantial returns: for your career, your personal growth, and the broader community.

In a world that prides itself on busyness, choose to be productive. Choose growth. Choose mentorship. #TimeManagement #BeyondBusyness #MentorshipMatters #WorkLifeBalance #MentorItForward

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1 Comment

Nov 10, 2023

If someone says they are toooooo busy, need help to get better work-life balance.

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