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Start with 'Why'

In every venture, journey, or initiative, it's essential to "start with why". Simon Sinek beautifully encapsulated this notion in his groundbreaking TED Talk and book. Today, let’s apply this principle to the Mentor It Forward (MiF) program and unpack its various "whys".

1. Why did we start the MiF program? The inception of MiF was fueled by a genuine desire to create a bridge between experienced professionals and aspiring individuals. The world of business, tech, and various other industries can often be overwhelming for newcomers. Having someone to guide, enlighten, and share experiences can make all the difference.

2. Why do we do it? Passion and purpose drive us. Witnessing the transformative power of mentorship, the success stories, the growth, and the bonds formed, reinforces our commitment. The ripple effect of positive change through mentorship can impact not just individuals, but entire communities and industries.

3. Why would you want to join as a mentor? Being a mentor isn't just about giving; it's a two-way street. It offers a chance to reflect, learn, and grow while shaping the future of one's industry. Furthermore, it enhances interpersonal skills, broadens horizons, and is immensely fulfilling to witness mentees succeed and thrive.

4. Why would you want to join as a mentee? For mentees, the benefits are manifold. Apart from gaining industry insights, it's about having a guiding hand through challenges, benefiting from experiences without going through them firsthand, and having a sounding board for ideas and questions. Plus, the networking opportunities can be game-changing for career trajectories.

5. Why would you want to support/collaborate/sponsor us? Supporting MiF is about investing in the future. For organisations and sponsors, it's an opportunity to be at the forefront of community-building, fostering growth, and being a part of positive change. Furthermore, it emphasises their commitment to professional development, aligning with values of growth, education, and mutual support.

In conclusion, the "why" behind MiF isn't just a single reason but a myriad of motivations and visions coming together. It's about community, growth, and paying it forward. So, whether you're thinking of joining or supporting, remember that the journey of mentorship is transformative, enriching, and, most importantly, impactful. Now that we've untangled the 'why', let's roll up our sleeves and dive deep into the 'what', 'where', 'when', and 'how'. It's time to talk business and shape futures. Reach out, and let's make mentorship magic together.

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