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From a Spark to a Flame: My Journey as a MiF Mentor

A mentor's journey

Years in the professional realm, seeing trends come and go, managing both challenges and celebrations, I found myself at a plateau. The daily hustle, the boardroom meetings, the strategy sessions - they all still held significance, but there was a growing feeling within, a nagging question: “What’s next? How do I share all of this?” At networking events, I’d often find younger professionals seeking advice, a direction, or sometimes, just an ear. Those interactions, brief yet impactful, were the moments that truly resonated.

MiF logo

One evening, over a casual coffee chat, a colleague mentioned 'Mentor it Forward'. It wasn’t just another initiative; it felt like an answer, a channel to share the wealth of insights I had garnered over the years. The concept of structured mentorship, of making a tangible difference in someone’s professional journey, drew me in. The idea wasn't just to guide but also to learn from fresh perspectives.

Registering with MiF wasn’t merely about joining a program; it was a commitment to foster growth, both for the mentee and myself. It felt like taking a treasured diary filled with professional anecdotes and lessons and passing it to someone eager to read, learn, and co-author the next chapters.

Hitting 'submit' on the EOI was like setting a new direction on my professional compass. It felt like opening a new chapter. With every click, the anticipation grew. I was stepping into an ecosystem where seasoned professionals connected with those just setting out, all under the nurturing umbrella of 'Mentor it Forward'. It represented more than a mentoring program; for me, it was the next phase of my journey.

casual meeting

Soon after, I found myself sitting in a 1:1 meeting with the MiF team. This meeting was an enlightening mirror. As they explained their motivations and goals, I saw my own reflections shining back at me. Their passion for uplifting and empowering mirrored my own aspirations. It became clear - we were all bound by a shared passion to make a difference. The wheels were set in motion.

Onboarding came next. While often painted as a logistical maze, I found it refreshingly seamless with MiF. It felt more like stepping into a familiar café rather than an intimidating boardroom. No need for glossy shoes or sharp suits; it was genuine, inclusive, and straightforward.

Then, the most thrilling part - the matchmaking! Here, the MiF team channelled their inner Cupid. They carefully curated mentor-mentee pairs, ensuring the chemistry was just right. And they did it with finesse, diving deep to understand our strengths, interests, and aspirations.

With the match made, MiF made our introductions. They equipped us with a toolkit - guidance, tips, and tools, ensuring we could hit the ground running. Like a skilled gardener, they had prepared the soil and sowed the seeds. Now, it was time to watch it blossom.

Cactus blossom

And blossom it did! Even though we've only just embarked on this journey, initial progress has been made, relationships are nurtured, skills are sharpened, and milestones are celebrated. The MiF team remains our silent cheerleaders, ensuring we thrive, acknowledging our achievements, and always ready to offer a helping hand. Looking ahead, I'm filled with eager anticipation, thinking of where it will lead next.

Want to join me and become a mentor? Only way to start is by clicking here


Ryan Jones

Note: While the essence and emotions are genuine, the storytelling aspect has been enhanced with the assistance of AI technology. After all, while we may excel in our professions, not all of us can claim to be Shakespeare! Rest assured, my personal experience and viewpoint remain genuine. - Ryan.

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