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Tayla Kneller

Organisational Change Manager


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Tayla, a dynamic management professional, is known for her innovative approach to change management. With a diverse background spanning environmental science research, IT management, and change management in tertiary education, she brings a wealth of experience to any challenge.

With a unique skill set includes storytelling, business strategy, creative problem-solving, and learning and development. She's recognised for pushing boundaries, combining tech-savvy insights with creative strategies to achieve exceptional results.

As a change manager, Tayla has consistently harnessed cutting-edge technology, positioning organisations for sustainable growth. Her leadership and coaching skills have empowered teams to innovate and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Collaborative and results-driven, Tayla thrives on complex challenges, working with cross-functional teams to craft strategic solutions that drive success. Her passion for leveraging technology to enhance efficiency sets her apart as a forward-thinking leader.

WA, Australia

Tayla Kneller
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