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Si Fu Gawain Siu

Principal & Master

Ging Mo Academy

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Si Fu Gawain Siu, is a seasoned mentor who underscores the transformative power of self-reflection for personal growth. He navigates the intricate emotions that often accompany reflection, guiding individuals in planning and implementing meaningful change. As a mentor, Gawain commits to listening attentively to mentees' challenges, fostering an environment where their wisdom can unfold.

Bringing a wealth of experience as a Master of Chinese Martial Arts, Gawain's mentoring journey spans Australia, deeply rooted in the origins of these arts in China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. A parent of three, he recognises the intrinsic value of learning and embracing challenges, as evidenced by his recent pursuit of studies in Canonical Chinese Medicine and Philosophy since 2022.

Recently inducted into the prestigious Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, he curated the first cultural exchange program with the birthplace of Chinese Martial Arts, the Shaolin Temple of China. His expertise extends to teaching some of the world's leading Shaolin Warrior Monks, with a remarkable 14 years of teaching in the Shaolin Temple in China.

A Guinness World Record holder for the world's longest Chinese Dragon in 1988, Gawain has owned and operated full-time Kung Fu schools across Brisbane and Perth since the age of 15.

His enduring legacy continues as he owns and operates one of Australia's original martial arts schools.

WA, Australia

Si Fu Gawain Siu
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