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Mark Birkinshaw



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Launching his career in the UK in 1980 as a Chartered Accountant, Mark soon recognised that while he had a knack for it, his true passion lay elsewhere. This led him to pivot into IT, dabbling first in sales, then transitioning to technical consulting. His expertise took him to Jersey as the Head of IT for Coopers & Lybrand's Abacus Financial Services Group.

His journey to Western Australia in 2005 presented its own set of challenges, insights from which he believes resonate deeply with many mentees today. Subsequent roles as a CIO paved the way to contract consulting and project management roles across diverse sectors.

Mark's wealth of experiences in WA culminated in 2019 with the inception of Tango, co-founded alongside a business partner. Their venture was birthed from an observation: medium enterprises often lack the support necessary for informed technology investment decisions.

WA, Australia

Mark Birkinshaw
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