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Deepak Daniel

Speaker, Facilitator, Executive Coach

Genesis Consulting Services

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A professional with a 25-year journey in the tech & management consulting sector, Deepak brings a wealth of diverse experience. Having donned multifaceted roles as a Consultant, Business Coach, and Leader, he underscores his profound expertise. Deepak's unwavering commitment to senior management and leadership is evident in his achievements. Certified in Business Coaching and Stakeholder Coaching, he solidifies his dedication to driving exceptional outcomes.

Beyond his contributions to start-ups and established corporations, his international exposure and insightful client interactions uniquely position him to customise his expertise, making significant contributions to a wide spectrum of communities. This seasoned professional isn't just a mentor; he's a guide navigating the intricacies of Program Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, behaviour change and Project/Portfolio Leadership. He's a catalyst for positive change, bringing invaluable insights and a passion for growth.

WA, Australia

Deepak Daniel
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