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Olga Belokourova

Digital product development specialist

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Olga is a knowledgeable, customer-centric Product professional with a strong technical background and holistic approach. Having acquired 25 years of service in the digital domain, her roles ranged from a software developer in a start-up, to a people manager and a leader of cross-functional teams in one of the largest banks in Australia.

Olga brings a methodical data-informed approach to meeting both customer needs and strategic goals of an organisation. She successfully developed and brought products to market using Agile.

Throughout her career, Olga not only focused on developing bespoke digital experiences. She also made it her mission to help people grow in the process. Experienced and respected people leader, Olga supported numerous individuals during different phases of their professional journeys: from those who were starting out, to seasoned professionals looking for a change.

NSW, Australia

Olga Belokourova
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